Dr. Doyle and the Mystery of the Cloche Hat

What would Guybrush Threepwood do?
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Dr. Doyle and the Mystery of the Cloche Hat

Post by ola small dickie » 11 Sep 2019, 07:38

"We offer a tip of our cap to this charming 1920s point-and-click murder mystery with a delightfully old-timey look and feel."


The Good:

Great story and script with plenty of surprises
Fun protagonist with a memorable ensemble cast of supporting characters
Appealing sepia-toned art style and soundtrack
Interesting mix of old and new puzzle-solving ideas

The Bad:

So dialogue-heavy it can sometimes feel more like a novel
Progressing the investigation can be a bit drawn out

Our Verdict:

Dr. Doyle and The Mystery of the Cloche Hat presents a captivating murder mystery with a fantastic old-time aesthetic and an interesting if slow-paced take on standard adventure game staples.






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Re: Dr. Doyle and the Mystery of the Cloche Hat

Post by Azad » 12 Sep 2019, 21:54

Looks neat :) O sa il am in vedere.
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