Yorkshire Gubbins

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Yorkshire Gubbins

Post by ola small dickie » 28 Mar 2019, 09:25

"Crikey, this short, simple retro-styled adventure presents a hilariously snarky slice of life in a quaint and quirky British town."


The Good:

Story and characters are genuinely funny in dry British style
Authentic regional voice acting helps bring these oddballs to life
Easy to grasp SCUMM-style gameplay
Comfy atmosphere and charming blocky pixel art style

The Bad:

Not much in the way of challenge
On the short side, with no advertised DLC released
Possible issue launching the game through Steam

Our Verdict:

Yorkshire Gubbins is a short and easy but hilarious escapade through a small town filled with memorable characters and quirky puzzles. It won’t pose much in the way of difficulty, but its biting British humour makes it hard not to keep playing, just to see how it all turns out



https://store.steampowered.com/app/7166 ... e_Gubbins/

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