The Witch’s House MV

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The Witch’s House MV

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"It's trying at times, but this commercial remaster of the popular 2012 free horror adventure is packed with deadly delights."


The Good:

Crisp 16-bit graphics and audio
Easy difficulty option is very accessible for casual players
Clever puzzles, and even more so on the hardest difficulty
Memorable setting and encounters teeming with gruesome horror

The Bad:

Enjoyment heavily depends on the player’s patience for trial and error
Story doesn’t shine until you’ve experienced its “true ending”

Our Verdict:

Like a trip through a prop-filled haunted attraction, The Witch’s House MV captivates with preset scares and gory imagery, an onslaught of retro-imbued horror, inventive puzzles and a surprisingly whimsical attitude toward the protagonist’s frequent death.




Image ... s-house-mv

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