Fallen - Commodore 64

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Fallen - Commodore 64

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Fallen is a coffee-break roguelike developed for the venerable Commodore 64 using the system's Basic v2 programming language, a little love letter of mine to a system that shined before I was born. This manual serves as both a guide to playing the game as well as means of distributing the game, as it contains the source code (see chapter titled “The Code”).

The game itself is free and open source available under the MIT license. You are hereby free to distribute, redistribute and perform modifications to the game or the free version of the manual in any way or manner you see fit.

Both the manual and the game are made available by Bearded Giant Games in two versions:

The free version (15 pages) containing:
The guide to playing the game in Black and White format
The game itself in a type-in format
The premium version (24 pages)– available as a one time $2.99 purchase:
The guide to playing the game in Color format
The game itself in a type-in format
A pre-built C64 .prg file
The extra chapters going over:
design insights and the thought process behind the decisions made during development
the cheat sheet I used and made for myself throughout development
the source code of the game in an uncompressed form and formatted for readability as a separate .bas file
You can check out the screenshots for an excerpt on the extra chapters available in the premium version.
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