The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

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The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

Post by KINGdmn »

M-am decis sa rejoc The Witcher si cum versiunea cu gust de vanilie am tot terminat-o am zis sa incerc altceva. Asadar am descoperit: The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf.

Inainte de a instala modul Rise of the White Wolf, copiati si instalati urmatoarele moduri care imbunatatesc grafica.
Primul mod pt texturi: ... xturen-mod
Un patch pentru acest mod: ... uren-patch
Al doilea mod pentru high res characters: ... ter-models

Pe scurt voi spune asa: The Wticher devine un alt joc, o experienta noua.
Un link catre fisier pe nexus:
Copiati versiunea asta: -EN- The Witcher Rise of the White Wolf - FCR version (nu o sa fie nevoie de change filename cum spune acolo).
Versiunea asta este compatibila cu modul numit Full Combat Rebalance care poate fi luat de aici: ... /downloads

Ce aduce nou si ce modifica modul Rise of the White Wolf:

Iar aici pe versiunea vanilla este prezentat modul Full combat rebalance:
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.
And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.
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Re: The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

Post by Cimitri »

Pai si merge pe Steam? Vad ca tu ai doar 2,5h pe Steam de Witcher. Ai jucat "imprumutat"?
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Re: The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

Post by KINGdmn »

L-am terminat "imprumutat" cand a aparut, apoi de pe GoG, iar acum il joc cu modurile astea pe Steam. Te accesez pe steam si vorbim.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.
And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.
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Re: The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

Post by MC »

O interfata cu alt skin si niste texturi mai mult sau mai putin discutabile nu il fac alt joc, "o experianta noua". Cel putin asta a fost prezentat in acel video.
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Re: The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

Post by KINGdmn »

N-am de ce sa-l apar sau sa-l ridic in slavi ca nu-i munca mea, dar au schimbat atat de multe chestii incat mor fight de fight, si am fluierat in Demon's Souls la viata asta:)).
Cat despre modificarile aduse, un coppy-paste.

Modificari aduse de full combat rebalance (aici se produc majoritatea modificarilor ce nu tin neaparat de interfata):
FCR v1.6a
- Immunities and resistances doesn't properly work in vanilla game. Removed Stun, Falter, Pain and Blind critical effects from enemy attacks because they meant instant-death for player with no way to defend against them.

FCR v1.6
- Added Russian language support. Translation made by Delamer.
- Made zeugl fight easier by decreasing tentacles' accuracy.
- Decreased boneheads and mutants experiments armor rating in Hard difficulty package.
- Made 'harder monsters' option in installer an integral part of Hard difficulty package.
- Made strong sword style monsters in Easy difficulty pack significantly easier by decreasing their armor ratings.
- Doubled the amount of ingredients one can loot from archespores.
- Restored weapon icons for GUI display in minimalistic interface option.
- Many improvements made to mod's installer.

FCR v1.5a
- Fixed an entry about echinopsae in bestiary. Savegames with already added entry will have duplicated archespore description. In other cases echinopsae entry won't be added to bestiary.
- Fixed an issue with archespores not spawning in quest "A long way from home" in Act 2. Savegames with the quest already started won't be affected by the fix. Concerns only mod installations with Limited monsters feature.
- Made archespore rootstocks more common. It makes completing archespore contract in Act 2 easier. In case of further problems, keep in mind that this contract can also be completed in Act 3.

FCR v1.5
- Every witcher has now vertical eye pupils (previously, only Geralt had them).
- Geralt now always sees in the dark, even without the aid of potions. It is a skill typical of witchers.
- Fisheye effect has been removed from night vision ability.
- Since night vision is now a free witcher ability, Cat potion effect has been changed to that of De Vries' Extract.
- Reduced the amount of bronze talents recieved every 8th experience level.
- Added symbolic rewards in form of bronze talents for leveling above level 40.
- Headhunter moves much faster and knows witcher sword styles.
- Increased damage reduction values for armored opponents and increased Fast Style armor penetration. The resulting damage vs armor hasn't changed much but now using Fast Style on armored opponents is more beneficial.
- Difficulty is now scaled using 6 difficulty levels divided in 2 packages chosen during mod installation.
- Inactive skill icons have been recolored to indicate what talent they cost.
- Icons in skill trees have been switched accordingly to new talent functions.
- Active dodge defence bonus increased to 100%.
- Higher vampires now move 100% faster in combat.
- Added tooltip popup that informs about working FCR modification.
- Enemy mages now heal their allies.
- Fixed a bug that decreased damage done by enemies equipped with swords.
- The critical effect of Bleeding triggers an animation of Pain. This fixes an exploit in combat mechanics.
- Rebalanced experience rewards for defeating enemies in combat.
- Camera is no longer zoomed to FPP perspective by default.
- Decreased Group Style defence bonuses.
- Each level of Stamina skill gives 10 bonus points to maximum Vitality. Previously Stamina granted too few Vitality Points at the beggining of the game and too much near the end.
- Significantly decreased the duration of critical effects caused by bombs.
- Stun effect caused by Samum no longer allows performing finisher on opponent. Critical effects from bombs ignore enemy resistances and thus Samum allowed for careless execution of bosses.
- Increased the chance of being poisoned by monsters.
- Fixed an error in the description of "Echoes of Yesterday" quest phase.
- Fixed a typo when putting a sephirah into an obelisk and during one of Grand Master visions.
- Echinopsae are now also called archespore, becoming another variant of the same enemy. This makes the game closer to the lore.
- Harder monsters option was made available during mod installation. It increases monster's level by 25% and thus increase their hit points.
- Various adjustments made to monster behaviour. Now some weaker monster will be afraid of stronger ones, other will ignore player until being attacked.
- Most monsters will be roaming the map once we enter location. Monsters won't appear before you comming out of solid stone floor.
- Significantly reduced monster respawn rate in Fewer monsters option available during mod installation. Most monsters will not respawn anymore - you won't be bothered by hundreds of drowners at the swamp.
- Changed the amount of enemies in various encounters. Some monsters will travel in packs, other are loners.
- New main menu music available to select during mod installation. Track name "Trial of Herbs" by Marcin Przyby?owicz, taken from bonus CD "Music Inspired by The Game".
- Stun and Trip upgrades of Strength (level 4) have been removed. Game's random number generator triggered critical effects very often even when set to 1% chance.
- Some monster models have been slightly scaled up to make them more intimidating.
- Berengar is using silver sword against monsters in Act IV.
- Restored nightwraiths in Act IV. For some reason nightwraiths are missing in vanilla version of the game.
- Removed creatures display names in minimalistic interface option.
- Ornitosaurs buffed to the level of graveirs and cemetaurs. Grown wyverns are often mistaken for dragons. They are huge and fierce predators, so they shouldn't be such a pushovers in the game.
- New combat scenarios in monster encounters. Some monsters changed their original places.
- Damage bonus from 4th level of Strong Styles has been decreased by 1 point.
- Damage bonus from 5th level of Strong Styles has been decreased by 4 points.
- Damage bonus from Aggression talent has been decreased by 2 point.
- Decreased the damage of swords which can be found in Chapter 4, 5 and 6.
- As a mild hallucinogen White Gull potion now allows entering meditation state.
- Vampires prefer surprise attacks. They will not announce their arrival with scream and snarl anymore.
- Silver damage bonus on monsters decreased to 5 in "Harder monsters" option meant for limited monster occurance feature.
- Decreased the accuracy of enemies in Prologue.
- Decreased the accuracy of mutants in encounter preciding the final boss battle.
- Vampires, wraiths and higher necrophages are immune to fear.
- Removed the fear effect caused by having talismans. Talismans are kept as valuable merchandise.
- Final human boss has been devoid of knockdown ability in one of his attacks. This makes battle with him much more fluid and less random.
- Final human boss helpers have been weakened.
- Azar Javed uses the ability to call ifryts in final encounter.

FCR v1.3
- Updated German translation by Regenshein.
- Increased kikimore queen accuracy and armor.
- First encounter with barghests is made easier.
- Fixed all reported typos in descriptions.
- All bosses are highly resistant to Yrden.
- Grand Master highly resistant to Igni.
- Added slow-motion effect to Fisstech.
- Vanilla bugged Qeun and Heliotrop regeneration upgrades completely removed to avoid confusion.
- Buyable werewolf fur feature doesn't override one of 'difficulty potions' merchant anymore.
- Moderately increased chance of poisoning by drowners, drowned dead, echinopses, etc.
- Fear effect duration halved (this includes bombs and group style effects).
- Removed the automatic zoom to FPP perspective in OTS camera view.

FCR v1.2a
- Added missing tlk file.

FCR v1.2
- Added German language support.
- Greatly decreased the chance to critical hit when fear effect is applied.
- Reduced the availability of meteorites.
- Increased the availability of runes.
- Red meteorite reward is available in both plot paths in prologue.
- Fixed the model of ornate sword.
- Increased Ozzrel hitpoints.
- Increased Leo's ghost hitpoints.
- Insectoids and ornitoreptyles are somewhat resistant to steel swords.
- Fixed few typos in descriptions.

FCR v1.1
- Group style can't inflict critical hits.
- Level 5 group style parry bonus decreased by 5.
- Group style damage decreased by 2.
- Monster's bleeding damage reduction removed.
- Items marked as Witchers' Secrets can no longer be sold.
- Ornate sword and Dol Blathanna rune sword can be bought from smith in Act 4.
- Whetstone and rune type weapon buff's cost increased.
- Weapons prices increased.
- Weapons can be sold for 10% of their purchase price.
- Fixed werewolf fight.
- Fixed one-hit kill Grand Master fight.
- Vitality of final boss significantly increased.
- Removed armor penetration skill on mutant enemies.
- Some elite human enemies and bosses have much higher chances to apply critical effects.
- Created 5 levels of new Quen-like ability for enemy use.
- Salamander mages' (including Azar Javed's) survivability greatly increased due to the use of Protect ability.
- Critical effects resistance decreased by 10% on insane difficulty.
- Added missing Vesna file, now she has high armor class as intended.
- Added FAQ text files in The Witcher folder.
- Barghests in Abigail encounter on Ice Plains got Hell Hound stats.
- Added hints during loading screens, 2 languages to choose in installer.
- Igni power-up range scales with levels (thanks to Mv.c9 for this idea).
- Increased fistfighters damage.
- Changed the way fistfight dodge behaves; now dodge provides damage reduction of 5 and chance to avoid full damage equal to dodge bonuses from dexterity and potions.
- Higher poison, bleeding and ignite damage.
- Act 2 Azar and Magister health reduced by 1/4.
- Increased koschey's accuracy.
- Increased golem HP to make him survive around 3 thunders.
- Vampire oil recipe available from Thaler in Act 2.
- Vampire oil and brown oil are no longer swapped.
- Bruxae and alps armor class increased.
- Bruxae, garkains and cemetaurs accuracy increased.
- Difficulty potions mod included (one can change game's difficulty in the middle of the playthrough).
- More detailed item and talent descriptions.
- Removed accidantaly added damage bonus from Act 1 mage in bridge encounter.
- Bonus from active dodge (jumps, somersaults, pirouettes) increased from 25 points to 50.
- Cat potion won't work if Geralt has nightvision talent, this caused talent to stop working.
- New potion intoxication system, vanilla debuffs weren't working at all.
- Higher fast style armor penetration to make it so, so much better against armored opponents than strong style.
- Lowered damage reduction of basic leather jacket.
- Now you can sell your jacket before you buy new one.
- Ruby sword replaced with realisitic sword model.
- Much harder bounty hunter battle.
- English critical hit floating text.
- Negative armor penetration removed from forged swords (it doesn't work as intended).
- Significantly reduced duration of bomb effects.
- Lowered accuracy of prologue axe wielding bandits.
- Higher yrden endurance cost.
- Increased quen and heliotrop effect duration.
- Permanent bodies set as default and removed from option list in installer.
- Camera tweaks set as default and removed from option list in installer.

FCR v1.0.1.5
- Higher experience rewards from monsters.
- Lowered ifrit accuracy in fight with Azar (Act 2).
- Lowered wraiths armor from Rat quest.
- Restored food stacking fix from version
- Because oil preperation talent is notoriusly ignored by many players in Act 1 until it's too late, oil preperation requires no intelligence anymore.
- Gray stamina bar fixed.
- Often ineffective % dmg bonus on normal and hard difficulty replaced with constant +5 dmg bonus.
- Information about big difference between hard and insane difficulty added at beggining of the game.
- Explanation of negative armor penetration added to weapons descritpions.
- Ability to zoom OTS camera to FPP perspective.
- Drink regeneration description fixed.
- Ozzrel recieved regular alghul parameters, before it had 30hp more and 1hp/sec higher regeneration.
- Changed gradation of difficulty levels.

FCR v1.0.1.4
- Stronger guards in first barghest fight in Act I.
- Constant Vitality values independent from Geralt's level (Endurance tree), sometimes the game counted Vitality points incorrectly.
- Lowered defense in fistfight, enemy has 50% chance to hit minus Geralt's parry bonuses, damage reduction 10 (blocking strong fistfighter's hit still hurts).
- Oil stacking bug fixed (warning about the bug in item's decriptions stays just in case).
- Fixed little errors in talents and items descriptions.
- Changed the name and description of difficulty levels (mod is difficult, there's no Easy level, Easy=Normal, etc...).
- 5th level sword style bonus shared between 4th and 5th level (previously level 4 - powerup attack had no bonus to all attacks in sequence, making gold talent investment felt only on 5th level).
- Increased accuracy of some bosses (koschey, striga, zeugl, golem, Dagon, Zephyr, bride, kikimore queen) !not included in Easy Monsters option in installer!.
- Ozzrel's accuracy decreased.
- Increased Vitality of mutated Rayla.
- Greatly decreased accuracy of Siegfrid in fight with skoffin.
- Bosses are immune to stun and knockdown.
- Headhunter wears full plate armor.
- Berengar is much weaker in fight with Azar, he shouldn't beat Azar alone nor get alive out of this fight.
- Added normal map to Ruby Sword (blade shine).

FCR v1.0.1.3
- Fixed food regeneration stacking.
- Increased accuracy of some boss enemies.

FCR v1.0.1.2
- Removed crosswise stripe on Berengar's sword blade.
- Insectoids recieved 1 class higher armor (monster equivalent of breastplate to full plate to order full plate).
- Ornitoreptyles endurance increased by 1 and HP recalculated based on new stamina level.
- Drowners, drowned dead and barghests are no longer susceptible to sword knockdown effect.
- "Easier monsters" option in installer.
- "Alternative sword models" option in installer, changing forged swords models and temerian sword model.
- "Easy or normal AI in poker dice mod option" in installer.
- Increased parry bonus in group styles.
- Full armor penetration on torche to make it usefull as a weapon.
- Non-permanent body version of headhunter didn't had pickable Ruby sword, it's fixed now.
- Option to buy werewolf fur in act 4 instead of faulty werewolf quest mod.
- Added some hints in talents descriptions.
- Fixed talent, item and journal description mistakes.
- Improved english translation.
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.
And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.
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Re: The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf

Post by NickoTyn »

Moldovan Claudiu » Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:01 pm wrote:O interfata cu alt skin si niste texturi mai mult sau mai putin discutabile nu il fac alt joc, "o experianta noua". Cel putin asta a fost prezentat in acel video.
Probabil te-ai uitat doar la video-urile pentru mod-urile grafice.
La ultimul video, cel mai important (prezentarea mod-ului Full Combat Rebalance) nu cred ca te-ai mai uitat, pentru ca atunci ai fi vazut ca acest mod atinge fiecare aspect al jocului, de la combat, la iteme si chiar si quest-uri.
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