Stronghold: Warlords

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Stronghold: Warlords

Post by Cristan » 12 Jun 2019, 23:34

Ăsta a trecut destul de neobservat, deși pare promițător (nu și grafica deocamdată, sper să mai lucreze).

phpBB [video]

Due to invade PC sometime in 2020, Stronghold: Warlords is just the latest entry in the historical castle siege series. Taking players back as far as China’s 3RD century BC through to the first moments of the Mongol Empire in 1200 AD, Warlords provides players with an opportunity to lay siege to the fortresses of great Imperial Warlords and Shogun commanders. This is the first of the Stronghold series to take players out east and face the clans that inhabit this new territory. ... -e3-reveal
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Re: Stronghold: Warlords

Post by DANiel » 18 Jun 2019, 10:28

Cred ca le-ar iesi mult mai bine daca ar face un 2D fancy ca la AOE II decat toata chestia asta cu 3D-ul. Eu am renuntat le Stronghold de cand a trecut in 3D, si prin renuntat zic de instalat noile jocuri, ca in continuare joc Crusader.
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Re: Stronghold: Warlords

Post by Pătrunjelu' » 9 Aug 2019, 17:39

Nu arata rau:
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