Fallen London

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Fallen London

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Welcome. Delicious friend.


Un browser MMO aproape single-player. Atmosfera cat cuprinde si un setting original, alegeri, consecinte, si MULT (si savuros) text. Devine putin grindy dupa o vreme, dar inteleg ca dupa aceea devine iar interesant, cand deblochezi mai multe zone. Se poate juca fara sa platesti nimic si fara sa fii prea limitat. De asemenea, se poate juca aproape in intregime single-player.
One city. A thousand choices. Discover a dark and hilarious Gothic underworld where all your actions have consequences. And did we mention it's free?
Also, check out viitorul Sunless Sea, un survival roguelike in acelasi univers. Delicios.
Out into the foggy street. Turn your collar up.
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Re: Fallen London

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10 minutes in and I'm hooked on it. Me like o.o
zme-ul » Tue Jun 17, 2014 3:16 am wrote:daca mai ajunge vreodata Romania in Campionat Mondial, alerg in curu' gol prin Crang :D
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