Despre jocuri pe telefoane si tablete.
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Re: iOS

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Din cate stiu, jocul trebuie sa suporte explicit modul controller. Inainte mergeau doar cele in standardul MFI (Made For iPhone), dar cu noul update si inputul de la controllerele Xbox One sau PS4 se mapeaza direct pe schema MFI.
Ca sa faci pairing trebuie sa inti in Configuraion -> Bluetooth si sa apesi butonul de pair pe controller.

PS: Daca vrei sa joci un platformer bun, Goblin Sword (exclusiv iOS) e la reducere acum (10 lei):

phpBB [video]
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Re: iOS

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iOS 14 privacy settings will tank ad targeting business, Facebook warns
The IDFA is a randomly generated code that Apple assigns to a device. (Google assigns similar numbers to Android devices.) Apps can then use those codes to tie together user activity. For example, Facebook, a local shopping app, and a local weather app might all access that identifier. Facebook and other advertising businesses can then use that cross-app use data to place targeted ads for advertisers on other apps, which is what Facebook does with its Audience Network program.

The changes requiring users to opt in make the IDFA essentially useless, Facebook warned developers today. Facebook apps on iOS 14—which includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and a host of others—will no longer collect users' IDFA.
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