The Invisible Hours

What would Guybrush Threepwood do?
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The Invisible Hours

Post by ola small dickie » 26 Jan 2019, 14:43

"Gameplay is nowhere to be seen, but this voyeuristic whodunit provides a compelling murder mystery in the style of immersive theater."


The Good:

Rich characters, expertly brought to life through writing and voice-overs
Quite a few genuine shocks and surprises
Strong sound design and music add to the cinematic quality
Controls well regardless of platform, but is even better in VR

The Bad:

Character models look a little dated
Environments lack variety
Not enough for players to do aside from watching

Our Verdict:

Tequila Works delivers again with The Invisible Hours, giving players an intriguing voyeur role in a genuinely interesting mystery populated by an unforgettable cast. Doing it all in VR is just the icing on the cake.




Image ... ble_Hours/

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